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  18. Okay, I didn't wait. I did it right now. Seriously cool! I am so excited to have learned that. Thank you!!!I had a picture of a creek going through the woods (a cousin gave it to me to edit) and it added such a nice touch to the picture.

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  45. Why was there only white faces in the audience? The only two people of color were carefully posed behind Gov. McDonnell, but when the camera panned to the audience, it was only old white people like usual. When will the Republican party reach out to all people of America? Are we going to go with the same mantra of the last election, “Drill Baby, Drill”?

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  54. Just a thought: if inflation is always a monetary phenomenon, shouldn’t we be expecting more inflation in the coming years? I mean, if the bailout craze continue, the Fed will be printing money like there’s no tomorrow. And if a recession occurs, less goods will be produced. End result: more greenbacks chasing fewer goods… No?

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  98. Spoke on the telephone with the architect Peter Beaven. His studio office was in the old Canterbury Provincial Chambers. He had just walked from the stone masonry part and was in the wooden sector of the building when the shake occured. The stone section came down behind him. He stated the Victorian buildings of central Christchurch appear to be a loss, and many up to the 1940's

  99. Babs Coppedge – Beth, thank you so much for gently insisting that Coli take the time for this photo shoot. You have gifted her with memories of this time in her and Zippi’s lives that she will cherish forever, and you exquisitely captured her baby-on-board beauty! Well, well, well done!

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  109. I have to wholeheartedly disagree with this post.. most posters have already voiced their reasons why LBJ deserves much of the negativity for his cowardly choice, and I agree with them. I went from LBJ fan and supporter to a disappointed former fan in 10 minutes last night. He doesn’t have the heart of a champion, Wade does. It’s unfortunate he and Bosh may get a ring just because he’s riding Wade’s coat tails.

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