Reading, writing and dental exams New center to bring health care inside S.L. school

SALT LAKE CITY — In two years, Lincoln Elementary School students and their families will be able to get free dental, vision and preventive health care during the school day.

That’s the hope of education leaders and community organizations, who plan to build a new community learning center in a new school building at 1090 Roberta St. The plans were laid out Thursday along with the announcement of a donation from the Tye and Noorda Foundation that will contribute to the project.

Community learning centers combine basic health services from local providers with students’ regular school attendance in order to improve their ability to learn. This could include dental checkups, free glasses, and meals for students and their families, among other services. The Salt Lake City School District and the Salt Lake Education Foundation currently have several in operation.

“We’re seeing what’s possible when a community steps up and starts talking locally, not from the outside, about what are truly the needs to be able to break the cycle of poverty, what are the needs to address health issues for kids so they can become bright, capable learners in school,” said district Superintendent McKell Withers.

The new two-story building will

University of Utah students call for free tuition for all

ALT LAKE CITY — Protesters rallied and marched Thursday, calling for free tuition at public universities, cancellation of all student debt, and implementation of a $15 minimum hourly wage for university employees.

At highest attendance, about 65 people attended the Million Students March outside the University of Utah’s A. Ray Olpin Student Union Building.

“Education should not to be a debt sentence,” said Dennis Potter, an associate professor of philosophy at Utah Valley University.

The Institute for College Access and Success reports that the national average student debt was $28,950 for the class of 2014, and the The Associated Press has previously reported that student debt can negatively impact families for generations.

Socialist Alternative of the University of Utah, Utah Millennials 4 Bernie Sanders and Revolutionary Students’ Union were the primary organizers of the event.

Scott Wood, a Socialist Alternative leader, said the Million Student March is a national movement. Its website,, boasts more than 110 events nationwide.

“I want attendees feel like they are not alone, that there are students out there who share their concerns,” Wood said. “These are ambitious demands, but these demands have been met in other places like Chile.”

Samuel Grenny, founder of Utah Millennials 4 Bernie

Bullying of student photographer during Missouri protest sparks outrage

Declaring the patch of University of Missouri campus where protestors were camping a “no-media safe space,” race protestors bullied a student photographer this week, sparking outrage in the news media and elsewhere.

Student photographer Tim Tai, on assignment for ESPN, was blocked from shooting photos and bullied, ironically, by a Mizzou communications faculty member, who, in a video of the incident, rallied other protestors to use “muscle” to “get this reporter out of here.”

In the video, Tai tries to explain to the increasingly hostile crowd that the media has every right to cover the protests that resulted in the resignation of the university president and chancellor over race tensions on campus. The two administrators only resigned after the school’s football team threatened not to play in solidarity with student and faculty claims of persistent on-campus racism, which protesters say university officials ignored.

In since-deleted tweets captured by the New York Times, the activist group leading the protests, ConcernedStudent1950, defended its actions by tweeting, “We truly appreciate having our story told, but this movement isn’t for you,” and “We ask for no media in the parameters so the place where people live, fellowship, & sleep can be protected from

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